Sourcing & Production Services


GNA believes in social, environmental, and corporate responsibility, all of which are reflected in our sourcing and production process. We provide a comprehensive matrix of global sourcing solutions, to service all levels of customer requirements.

Our global resource network, which specialize in all categories of men's and women's, are handled by our team of experienced sourcing and production professionals. Our top sourcing executives have over 25 years' experience in problem solving and handling different customer requirements. We scour the globe to source new resources, exploring new technologies that keep our production competitive while seeking out the best fabrics and yarns at the best prices.

The depth and breadth of our sourcing is unparalleled, allowing us to provide the best possible product at the best possible price and, of course, on time. Our experienced, multilingual team has developed a global infrastructure that ensures control of the entire process, from the supply of raw materials to the quality assurance of the final product.

Other Services

Design & Development

GNA’s talented product development and design team maintains the company’s industry-leader status with its innovative ideas and quick response to global fashion trends.
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Sales & Marketing

Careful planning and comprehensive sales analysis have been paramount in our success at leading vendor-managed programs with our customers.
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